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May 20, 2017
Get in Shape with the Honda Fit!

Get in Shape with the Honda Fit!

The Honda Fit Exercises All Options

Has your driving experience gotten a little stale? You’ve probably fell into the same routine day after day and gotten a bit lazy when it comes to adventuring. The 2017 Honda Fit is here to change that. The Fit offers a bevy of accessories for all types of drivers while matching these options with a high level of style and comfort. The Fit also utilizes the 2nd-Row Magic Seat which adds to further customization. If you’re interested in the Honda Fit take a visit down to Coral Springs Honda to be introduced to your new training partner for the road.

Fit for the Streets

Everyone knows how heads turn when that gym rat with the perfect body walks in to train. That’s exactly what the Honda Fit does when you take it to the streets. The front end has been designed to be sleek and stylish as the sight lines start from the headlights and go straight down the body of the vehicle in one smooth motion. LED brake lights, a rear spoiler, and chrome trim make the Fit look intriguing from any angle. The Fit has been designed to have a slick and compact visual, but inside it houses an impressive 93 cubic feet of passenger space and 52 cubic feet of storage space. The Fit isn’t only impressive on the outside, as the interior offers just as much.

An Interior that Fits Your Style

The first thing you’ll notice when stepping into the Honda Fit is the space it offers. The Fit easily and comfortably sits five. The entire interior features a leather trim for a smooth touch, as does the steering wheel and shifting knob. The two front seats have heating capabilities for when you’re traversing colder climates. To class up your interior a bit you can choose to have the Door Sill Trim installed. This prevents from any kind of scuff marks and is also illuminated to give the interior a cozy feel. The all-season floor mats are designed to take any kind of workout you can give them.

If you’re behind the wheel the Fit gives you total control without having to take your eyes off the road. Audio, phone, voice commands, and cruise control are all strategically placed so very little hand movement is needed. This allows for a safer ride with less reaching and distractions. For your passengers who refuse to be disconnected from their smart devices the center console of the Fit is installed with a USB port and a 12-volt power outlet. If you want to be more in charge of your road workout you can opt for the six speed manual shifter for complete control.

Time to Believe in Magic

We all know the struggle and frustration of trying to fit that new purchase or that extra piece of luggage into our vehicles. The 2017 Honda Fit has your answer to this problem. Utilizing the 2nd-Row Magic Seat, the Fit offers four levels of optimization when it comes to hauling cargo.

Utility Mode allows for the entire seat to be folded down, turning the rear of the vehicle into a 52 cubic feet storage area. This is enough room for the bikers in your family or even for small furniture like couches for when you’re helping move that friend in.

Long Mode is a function where both passenger seats can be folded completely down. If you’re going on that surfing trip you’ve always dreamed of there will be plenty of room for your board. And if you’re in the construction business or just doing some projects around the neighborhood you’ll have plenty of space for a ladder or longer tools.

Tall Mode removes the headrests from the rear seating and allows them to fold straight up. This provides up to four feet of vertical space for any types of cargo that need to be standing straight up.

Finally, Refresh Mode is perfect for those long road trips. Normal passenger front seating tends to not be very optimal for naps. With the Magic Seat the rear seat reclines and the front seat folds all the way down. Now you can stretch out and even have a nice footrest. The Magic Seat will change the way you think about transporting items.

Exercise Your New Fitness

The 2017 Honda Fit is ready to take you for a workout. And the fine associations at Coral Springs Honda are more than happy to see you redefine your driving experience. Come and speak to their friendly and experienced staff, and drive away with your brand new 2017 Honda Fit.

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