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June 19, 2017
Drive with Confidence in the New Honda Civic in Coral Springs

Drive with Confidence in the New Honda Civic in Coral Springs

Looking for a new car that is both comfortable and fuel efficient? We have exactly what you are looking for at Coral Springs Honda with the exceptional Honda Civic in Coral Springs! Honda has built the new Civic to be as fuel efficient as possible and also has a ton of luxurious amenities to help you enjoy every drive. The Civic has also been decked out with a top of the line safety system so you and all your passengers can feel safe while on the road. So come down to Coral Springs Honda today and check out the Honda Civic in Coral Springs and all of its luxurious amenities.

Top of the Line Performance

The Honda Civic has been built in order to run as efficiently as possible, so you can save money at the fuel pump. Under the hood of the Civic you can have a 174 horsepower turbocharged engine installed that will definitely allow you to put a little pep in your step. The Civic has been built with a lightweight body and MacPherson struts so that your new Civic will be able to handle like a top of the line sports car. The Civic gives you a choice when it comes to transmissions. You can choose between either a 6-speed manual transmission or a continuously variable transmission depending on how you like to drive. All of these features and many more have been built into the Honda Civic in order to make it one of the best sedans on the market today.

Interior Chock Full of Technology

The interior of the Honda Civic has been designed to be as comfortable as possible and also have a ton of technological features incorporated into the car. One piece of technology that you can have included in the Civic is a Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System, so you can find the best route to your destination. The Civic can also have a wireless charging station installed in the car, so that you do not have to worry about having tangled cables on your center console. You can also listen to your favorite playlists in your car thanks to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. You can also catch your favorite news, sports, and music stations while you are in your car if you have Sirius XM Radio and HD Radio installed in your new Civic. All of this available technology and much more can be installed in your new Honda Civic so that you will enjoy every drive you take.

First Class Safety System

The Civic has also been given a ton of technology that will help to keep you and all of your passengers safe. One technological feature for your Civic is Lane Keep Assist. This piece of technology detects when your car begins to stray from its lane and not only alerts the driver, but can also correct its course by itself. Another safety feature for your new car is a Collision Mitigation Braking System. This safety feature uses sensors to detect an unavoidable collision and automatically hits the brakes in order to lessen the blow. All of these safety features and many more help to keep anyone who steps foot in the Civic safe and secure.

Come and Check Out the Honda Civic in Coral Springs Today!

The Honda Civic in Coral Springs would be a fantastic choice as a new car for anyone because of its top of the line performance, interior loaded with technology, and first class safety system. When you come down to Coral Springs Honda, be sure to check out our finance and service departments. Our team of service experts will help you with any repairs or routine maintenance that you may need for your car. Like our service department, our finance department will help you anyway they can when trying to find a good payment plan for you. So come down to Coral Springs Honda today and check out let our staff help you find the car of your dreams or perform some repairs on your current car.

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